Melonie Shaun the Sheep Figurine

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Do you dream of white sand beaches, turquoise seas and a gentle breeze playing on your skin as you recline in the shade of a palm tree? Well, if you don’t happen to have a Caribbean getaway booked, you can still enjoy a taste of exotic climates thanks to our Melonie figurine! 

This mouth-watering design came to be after artist Phil West took a trip to a local supermarket, where he saw some watermelons. Realising that Shaun the Sheep’s body could be transformed into the fruit, he also added juicy red slices into his design, making Melonie so tempting that some visitors even pretended to take a bite out him during the Bristol trail! (Poor Melonie!) 

Snap up our Melonie figurine today to add some fruity flavour to your home or kitchen.

  • Hand painted
  • Resin
  • 16cm length; 17cm height (approx)
  • Design by Phil West
  • Supporting The Grand Appeal
  • Free UK delivery over £50